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L.A. Inquiry Project
How do movies inform us of world issues?

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Depending on its genre, a films purpose can range from entertainment to sombre reflection. The serious movies, which are commonly referred to as “movies with a message”, strive to inform viewers on current world issues through the medium of film. This has proven to be a very effective tactic for raising people’s awareness, as films tend to have a larger impact on people than other forms of media. But why is this the case? According to my Uncle Ulf, “Films are effective at drawing attention to world issues because they immerse the viewer in the given situation and make them feel like they themselves have been affected. By the end of the film, audience members have not only been educated on what is being addressed, they have become emotionally attached to it as well.” This opinion goes a long way in explaining why movies have such a power to inform. By giving people a chance to experience the problem up close in a realistic story, films do what no other form of media can. They teach our culture in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on people. Without a doubt, current problems in the world can be much better brought to light when they are integrated into films. 


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