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L.A. Inquiry Project
What would our society be like without movies?

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The importance of movies in our culture is paramount. They have formed a niche in our society and are a huge source of revenue that keeps the economy going. For many of us, movies provide a much needed escape from reality.  For others, they offer a chance to get together with friends in a relaxed setting. But what if movies never evolved into what they are now? What would our culture be like if we didn’t have movies at all? While it is impossible to predict exactly what our culture would be like, there are some things that I can safely predict. Certainly, we would have to have some other activity to occupy our time. Perhaps exercise would be more prevalent, and people would be in better shape? I think it more likely that we would be living in a much less advanced age, as television has done so much to connect the world. Without that connection, our society and our world would doubtless be very different.